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Meet ME

“I feel like I win when I lose”

ABBA, Waterloo, 1974


I am Cristiana, born on the 1st of February 1974 in Matosinhos, Portugal.

1974 was the year of the Carnation Revolution in Portugal, a peaceful military coup also known as the April 25 Revolution. It led to the overthrow of the authoritarian Estado Novo regime, which had been in power for almost five decades, and paved the way for the establishment of a democratic government.

The 25th of April was the day I returned home from the hospital after giving birth to my son Gil and also the day I shared my intention to divorce, after 26 years of a shared relationship. These were two significant points of radical change in my life.

1974 was also the year of India’s First Nuclear Test, codenamed “Smiling Buddha,” on May 18.

This day in 2017 marked the final meeting of NEC – Nucleus for Choreographic Experimentation – an organization I had been leading for over 20 years with a collective of artists. It served as an incubator for multiple artistic projects that transformed the cultural landscape of Portugal, primarily Porto and the northern region.

In 2019, on the same date, I joined an online movement that reminded me of the fundamental lessons carried by the elements of nature and the transformative power of dreaming together in sisterhood. It was a deep, heartfelt YES to both myself and the collective.

In 2023, it was the last day before I traveled to Madrid to participate in The Break Fellowship, a program for female entrepreneurs that allowed me to live the dream of a connected, conscious, and beautiful world.

Back in 1974, it was the year ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Waterloo,” drawing a comparison between the surrender of Napoleon in the final battle and the surrender to a lover.

I like to include this global context because it informs my humanity, providing a deeper awareness of the imprints I carry within me, parallel to astrological forces and various programs. It briefly illustrates the interconnectedness between the micro and the macro, reflecting how memory is not linear, and the beauty of the double-spiraling movement of life—both inward and outward—constantly expanding.


The memory of my life started on the day I saw my grandfather dying before me, just a few months after the birth of my sister.

I had a very happy childhood, where the experiences at school and in my grandmother’s home fostered imagination, curiosity, and creative expression in a collective environment. Along with the holidays with my parents, I grew up feeling that life is a party, a permanent gift always surprising.

I had to wait until the age of 9 to start ballet classes, as being a ballerina was my main dream, but there was no dance school nearby.

Fast forward to when I was starting to live the dream of being a professional dancer, and at the same time the love relationship of my life, I fell on stage just before starting “Giselle”, and went directly to the hospital with a ruptured anterior cruciate knee ligament. Reality and fantasy were merging and dissolving the boundaries.

Suddenly, my deepest dream was ending at the moment it was starting. It was terrifying and at the same time a relief! Difficult to explain. Black-out.

Faced with a big scar on my knee, but also with the innate ability to regenerate I carry in this body, I was invited to unite art and life, beginnings and endings, and embrace the beauty of the unexpected, living each present moment with intensity.

My journey as a fulfilled artist, entrepreneur, mother, and wife led to a turning point when the organization I was co-managing lost the main funds that supported the project, at the same time we were being gifted with a free space to develop it.

Rebirth after rebirth, I was faced with my inner voice telling me to accept my completion within that cycle and hear my deep YES to move forward.

I felt I had more to give, more to receive, more to experience…. Instead of a blackout, I was facing an uncertain blank page, not knowing where to go , what to do,

I felt completely lost, but at the same time, I knew that my desire for transformation and evolution was manifesting. So, while feeling without references and with two kids to educate, I understood that the only point of reference I could rely on was myself. If there was just one thing to teach or remind my sons about, it was always to follow their truth, their hearts, their dreams.

It was another jump in the dark and what a quantum leap!

Reconnecting with my cosmic origin in a once-lifetime experience where I simply lay and feel, without being touched, without objects, without words…, simply receiving energy, light and information… was entering a magical world.

But then, again, life surprised me with the unexpected, and I was gifted with a pregnancy that ended prematurely on my birthday! It’s hard to describe the mixing feelings of that celebration as it touched the infinite, the unnamed…, bringing a mystic convergence of life and death in my own body.

It wasn’t just a personal rebirth; it wasn’t a loss of this angel I named Iris. It was me giving birth to my Self, embodying the divine, and accepting the sacred role of being a portal of life force in this dimension.

At this moment, I felt the rainbow and the call to embark on a path of spiritual initiation transcending polarities. What a ride!!!

Life is never linear! This was the point I started the other way around and through the medicine of the frequency of love, the medicine of the elements, through the connection to sisterhood and global communities, through a challenging twin flame journey, I started a “dark night of the soul” undoing, detaching, letting go, facing my deepest fears, and transmuting fragilities into pillars of my humanity. Until the wounds didn’t hurt, until fragments became crystals.

I’ve come full circle! What I gained was inner peace and the feeling of eternity. Maybe I died and don’t remember anymore. I live the dream of unity.

At the same time, I didn’t become a hero, but a zero, the invisible space through which the mystery of life creates whatever needs to be created, connecting me to the ones that I’m ready to meet and making concrete what once seemed impossible.

Celebrate the boundary where streams join the sea,
where body meets infinity

Sutra 44, Lorin Roche


Life is too complex to be reduced or grasped by one exclusive type of understanding system.

As I embarked on my healing journey, connecting with my origins as a Starseed/High Priestess and gaining insights as a spiritual teacher, I encountered diverse experiences, communities, and perspectives. These encounters led me to a profound realization: true healing involves embracing our full humanity in harmony with its many facets, as well as stripping away the concepts that bind us and serve the ego more than the soul

n 2021, during my visit to Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper of Christ,’ I had a profound experience. It felt as if I were receiving a multitude of codes and information. A few days later, the name “Mystery Embodied” revealed itself to me as the medicine I carry within. It was a breathtaking revelation, symbolizing the union of the divine and the human, spirit, and body, the individual and the collective, as well as light and matter, the very nature of LOVE and Christ Consciousness.

It made perfect sense to me and allowed me to integrate into a single multi-systemic approach the different areas of practice that had always been present and that I had developed over the last few years, mainly Reconnective Healing and Reconnection with Dr Eric Pearl, Continuum with Sabine Mead, Lemurian Teaching Wheel and Shamanic Wisdom with Dr Amber Wolf Mele’ha as well as with groups of women from around the world and Instinctive Meditation with Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine.

This fusion has resulted in a magic multi-systemic approach to healing and personal growth that can be integrated into everyday life, supporting you from the source of all creation. The ultimate goal of this multidirectional experience is to allow you to be who you are, inviting you to embody the elements of nature and rest with your inner world.

It can be applied to individuals as well as groups or team workers, especially those leading their own projects or companies.

This system is not about seeking experiences beyond life; it’s about transforming every day of your life into a celebration where you can authentically be yourself, have significant relationships, and feel the magic of your presence impacting the world from within.

It connects you with your essence through 5 main doorways:

SPIRIT – BODY – CHILD – RELATIONSHIPS – CYCLES that relate directly with the elements ÉTHER – WATER – FIRE – WIND – EARTH

Being aware and embodying the teachings of these elements allows one to transmute dense emotions and feel healthy, balanced, and whole.

What can you receive from ME?

Direct Connection to Life Force Energy

You are connecting to the Source vibration, the frequency of LOVE. This allows you to become magnetic and a healing tool for others.

Embodied experience touching the full cycle of life-death-rebirth

The wisdom I share comes from personal experience and creates a safe space for you to freely express your emotions and quickly transform them into a lighter and more harmonious state. You can feel seen, heard, and recognized.

Diversity of skills – from art to science, to human development, healing, consciousness and entrepreneurship

Degree in Psychology, Dance, Reconnection, Reconnective Healing, Shamanic Studies, Instinctive Meditation Teacher, and The Break Fellowship, among many creative workshops around art, somatic, embodiment, leadership, and spiritual practices.

Welcome here conscious dreamer

You’ve come a long way and now you’re back to the essentials, but with a different awareness and wisdom.

This is the moment to choose if you want to give up dreaming,

if you want to continue to make dreams come true through effort and some wear and tear,

or if you want to experience the magic of becoming the dream itself, life itself, and transforming your presence into your greatest contribution to humanity by gathering those who align with the fullness of your being.

Remember: the life you came to live is YOU

In early May 2024, as I lay in bed with my eyes closed, basking in the first rays of sunshine, I asked myself, “What would you like to do before you die?”

And the answer was: NOTHING. Being in this moment, right now, is everything.

It wasn’t a phrase from a book, nor was it an affirmation to achieve spiritual enlightenment; it came from the bottom of my heart, carried by the voice that comes from within me, from the ends of the universe, and contains eternity.
In that moment I felt how far and deep I had come in the process of embodying consciousness.

And now I’m here, for you, with you, as medicine, as art, as love, to co-create heaven on earth (for that is my greatest dream).

Let’s say that I died without dying, and now I know what it feels like to be immortal.

There is nothing more significant and transformative on my resume than to have achieved this vibration, wisdom and inner peace that connects beginning and end, embodying the continuous web of life, death and rebirth.

And at the center of this website is us, me and you together, co-creating a unique combination, starting from this vastness that is the mystery of being alive.

It is from here that a new human being can be created, that new programs can be generated, that new connections can expand all of us,

If you’re curious to know more about me, there’s nothing more fascinating than what makes two strangers meet, so I’ll be happy to share more with you in a 1:1 experience that you can choose