Curious about my story? Let’s make a call


I am opening up 45 minutes of my time to share with you about myself. I feel that each time I do this I touch deep aspects of your own journey and I see a healing taking place in your soul just by listening and connecting.

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My story is a seed of the story of all creation. It encapsulates quanta of information touching the mystery of life and death, covering the entire spectrum.
There are many doorways to it.
Bring whatever is alive in you at this moment and I’m sure I can touch your soul with my sharing and ignite a cellular transformation.

You pay from the heart with whatever is possible, be it money, an invitation to your podcast or event, a piece of cloth, some food, … or a big smile and deep appreciation.
To activate this energetic, a simbolic amount of 3,14€ is required.
As soon as you book it, I will contact you to schedule our call (by phone or zoom).


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