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Donation is a portal to abundance, to compassion, to gratitude.Giving and receiving is the natural process of life from the beginning. Every time you reactivate this movement, you are saying yes to your life.

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The day I made a substantial donation to a woman I didn’t know at all, my heart opened like never before and I began to re-signify my relationship with money.

Donating is also a great lesson in detachment and a step towards trust.

Every donation to 5iSTAR is a donation to your dreams and the dream of creating a new conscious world where compassion doesn’t need tragedies like wars in order to be expressed by human beings.

Here you can choose different ways to donate, from goods to services to money, all are welcome.

See the different options and choose what aligns with you.

Remember one thing: you will always receive more than you give, that’s the law of the universe.

No matter the amount, if it comes from the heart, you will be activating a connection to 5iSTAR that will turn yourself into an anchor of this beautiful energy, expanding your life and streaming it to others.

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