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Mystery Embodied

A system of systems

how it was revealed

In 2021, during my visit to Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ in Milan, while completing the study to become a member of The Reconnection’s Global Leadership Support Team, I had a profound experience.

It felt as if I was receiving a multitude of codes and information. A few days later, the name “Mystery Embodied” revealed itself as the medicine I carry within.

It was a beautiful revelation, symbolizing the union of the divine and the human, spirit, and body, light and matter, the very nature of LOVE, and Christ Consciousness; light and water, the nature of rainbows.

It made perfect sense to me. and was very aligned with the multi-systemic approach I had developed over the last few years, where the teachings of Eric Pearl, with Reconnective Healing and Reconnection, Sabine Mead with Continuum, Dr. Amber Wolf Mele’ha with Lemurian Teaching Wheel and Shamanic Wisdom, as well as Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine with Instinctive Meditation found the container to be expressed holistically.

This fusion has resulted in a magic multi-systemic approach to healing and personal growth that can be integrated into everyday life, supporting you from the source of all creation. The ultimate goal of this multidirectional experience is to allow you to be who you are, inviting you to embody your wholeness.

It can be applied to individuals as well as groups or team workers, especially those leading their own projects or companies.

This system of systems (as nature is) is not about seeking experiences beyond life; it’s about transforming every day of your life into a celebration where you can authentically be yourself, have significant relationships, and feel the magic of your presence impacting the world from within.

It connects you with your essence through 5 main doorways:

SPIRIT – BODY – CHILD – RELATIONSHIPS – CYCLES that relate directly with the elements ÉTHER – WATER – FIRE – WIND – EARTH

Being aware and embodying the teachings of these elements allows one to transmute dense emotions and feel healthy, balanced, happy, and whole. Until you become empty and can feel others from within, touching another level of empathy and compassion, being the unconditional love, joy, and peace that is beyond all circumstances.

Being the answer to the deep mysteries of life and death. Loosing the fear to become what you are and what you are not. Not being afraid to say I AM that I AM.

Welcome here conscious dreamer

You’ve come a long way and now you’re back to the essentials, but with a different awareness and wisdom.

This is the moment to choose if you want to give up dreaming,

if you want to continue to make dreams come true through effort and some wear and tear,

or if you want to experience the magic of becoming the dream itself, life itself, and transforming your presence into your greatest contribution to humanity by gathering those who align with the fullness of your being.

Remember: the life you came to live is YOU

In early May 2024, as I lay in bed with my eyes closed, basking in the first rays of sunshine, I asked myself, “What would you like to do before you die?”

And the answer was: NOTHING. Being in this moment, right now, is everything.

It wasn’t a phrase from a book, nor was it an affirmation to achieve spiritual enlightenment; it came from the bottom of my heart, carried by the voice that comes from within me, from the ends of the universe, and contains eternity.
In that moment I felt how far and deep I had come in the process of embodying consciousness.

And now I’m here, for you, with you, as medicine, as art, as love, to co-create heaven on earth (for that is my greatest dream).

Let’s say that I died without dying, and now I know what it feels like to be immortal.

There is nothing more significant and transformative on my resume than to have achieved this vibration, wisdom and inner peace that connects beginning and end, embodying the continuous web of life, death and rebirth.

And at the center of this website is us, me and you together, co-creating a unique combination, starting from this vastness that is the mystery of being alive.

It is from here that a new human being can be created, that new programs can be generated, that new connections can expand all of us,

If you’re curious to know more about me, there’s nothing more fascinating than what makes two strangers meet, so I’ll be happy to share more with you in a 1:1 experience that you can choose