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  • MOM


    I didn´t come to teach you, I came to love you and love will teach you        

  • Points of reference

    Points of reference

    Species of spaces I would like there to exist places that are stable, unmoving, intangible, untouched and almost untouchable, unchanging, deeprooted; places that might be points of reference, of departure, of origin: My birthplace, the cradle of my family, the house where I may have been born, the tree I may have seen grow (that…

  • Connect with the frequency of LOVE

    Connect with the frequency of LOVE

    There’s an innate wisdom within you Each one of us needs to discover this ability within themselves. Perhaps when you were a child, you already felt it (and it wasn’t the “turban” borrowed from your mother saying so). It was simply a state of attentiveness and trust in our intrinsic resources! We are so conditioned…